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                                Mangosteen Extract   Powder

                                Product Name : Mangosteen extract
                                Plant Species : Garcinia mangostana
                                Common Name : Mangosteen Extract
                                Part Used : peel
                                Carrier : N/A, made from pure 100 % mangosteen extraction
                                Molecular formulas :C24H28O6
                                Molecular weight : 410.47

                                Test Method: HPLC and UV

                                Qualitative Description
                                1. Color : Red brown
                                2. Form : fine powder
                                3. Odour&taste : Characteristic

                                Physicochemical Description
                                1. Particle Size : 100% pass 80 mesh
                                2. Loss on drying : Max. 5 %
                                3. Ash : Max. 10 %
                                4.Heavy metal :Max . 10 ppm

                                Microbial Contamination
                                1. Aerobic Plate Count : Max. 1000cfu/g
                                2. Yeast & Mold : Max. 100 cfu/g
                                3. E. Coli : Negative
                                4. Salmonella sp : Negative

                                General User Information
                                1. Storage : Store at a well closed container, well ventilated room
                                2. Durability : 24 months with proper storage

                                Packaging Information
                                20kg or 25kg/ drum,with hull inside.

                                Mangosteen, also known as the Queen of Fruits, is a delicious tasting fruit native to Southeast Asia. Mangosteen rind was found to have strong antioxidant properties, due to the high content of Xanthones. Of the 200 known xanthones, nearly 50 are found in the "Queen of Fruits”. α-, β-, γ-mangostin are the major components, the most abundant of which is α-mangosti.
                                Folkore Uses
                                Antioxidant: Mangostin is the inhibitor of oxidation of LDL, which have major role in cardio-vascular and related chronic diseases.
                                Anti-allergies and inflammations: γ- mangostin was identified to inhibit COX, as their inhibition acutely reduces inflammations, pains and fevers.
                                Antivirus and anti-bacteria: the polysaccharides in the extract form can stimulate phagocytic cells to kill intracellular bacteria.
                                Anticancer: Mangostin has been revealed to inhibit topoisomerase, which is essential forcelldivision in cancer cells, also could selectively induce cell apoptosis and inhibit cell division.

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