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                                Mulberry Leaf Extract    Both powder and liquid

                                Product Name: Mulberry leaf extract
                                Plant Species v: Morus alba L.;
                                Folium MoriPlant Material: Folium
                                Common Name: Mulberry leaf
                                Part Used :Selected leaf
                                Carrier : N/A, made from pure 100 % mulberry leaf extraction
                                Molecular formulas :C6H13NO4
                                Molecular weight : 163

                                Test Method::HPLC

                                Qualitative Description
                                1. Color: light greenish to light yellow
                                2. Form: fine powder
                                3. Odour&taste: Characteristic odor and taste of mulberry leaf

                                Physicochemical Description
                                1. Particle Size : 100% pass 80 mesh
                                2. Loss on drying :Max. 5 %
                                3. Heavy metal :Max . 20 ppm

                                Microbial Contamination
                                1. Aerobic Plate Count: Max. 1000cfu/g
                                2. Yeast & Mold : Max. 100 cfu/g
                                3. E. Coli : Negative
                                4. Salmonella sp: Negative

                                General User Information
                                1. Storage: Store at a well closed container, well ventilated room
                                2. Durability : 24 months with proper storage

                                Packaging Information
                                20kg or 25kg/ drum,with hull inside.

                                Superior product
                                Epicatechin (EC)
                                (-)-Epigallocatechin (EGC)
                                (-)-Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG)
                                (-)-Epicatechin gallate (ECG)
                                (+)-Catechin Hydrate
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                                Instant tea series
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